Week 9: Lightning Lab Christchurch - Lightning Lab
Lightning Lab Christchurch

Week 9: Lightning Lab Christchurch

17 days until Lightning Lab Christchurch Demo Day… Frightening or exciting?

Teams are fully focused on becoming investment ready – that means developing their pitches every day, gaining necessary traction, and proving their business is worth investing in.

Visitors to the Lab



Rob Lawrence is a fantastic supporter of Lightning Lab, and this week represented Callaghan Innovation in the Lab. Callaghan Innovation are an ongoing supporter of all Lightning Lab programmes, and their involvement is fundamental to the success of Lightning Lab. Rob talked to teams about potential grants, and he also spent one-on-one time with teams providing pitch feedback.


Scott Barrington is founder and CEO of Modlar – not too long ago Scott was in a similar position to our 10 startups, so he was able to share recent challenges and learnings.

Around the Lab


Maxim from Pensolve with his pensive face


Jolyon from “Conjuice” showing off his latest brew


Margaret from MTech Games behind the GreenHouse greenery


Jonathan and Adrien from Bamtino having a chat with Scott Barrington at the BNZ Kitchen bench.

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