Week 6: Lightning Lab Christchurch - Lightning Lab
Lightning Lab Christchurch

Week 6: Lightning Lab Christchurch

37 Days until Demo Day

Traction, traction, traction. That’s the big focus at the moment. We are also making the transition from 1 minute pitches to 5 minute pitches as teams dive further into their customers and market and as Demo Day quickly approaches.



Visitors to the Lab this week included:


Anna Guenther from PledgeMe came down from Wellington and spoke about Crowd Funding. With such an engaging presentation style, Anna’s story was a great way to start the week.


Brett Holland, Head of Acceleration at Creative HQ, returned to Christchurch to present on financial modelling. He also took the time to walk through templates with each of the teams so they can prepare their financial models, or “story telling” as referred to by Brett.


Show & Tell:

DSC02473 DSC02484


DSC02489 DSC02491

This week each team showcased the progress they have made so far. It was a great way for everyone to gain a better understanding of what teams have been doing and especially appreciating the work of the CTO’s.


Around the Lab:

IMG_6185 IMG_6192


IMG_6196 IMG_6187


From the team at Lightning Lab Christchurch
Charlie, Michelle and Geoff


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