Week 5: Lightning Lab Auckland - Lightning Lab

Week 5: Lightning Lab Auckland

51 days until Demo Day!

We were super fortunate to have Sam Altman and Marty Cagan in the lab this week!

Sam covered advice given to YC companies in their first week and engaged in fantastic Q&A. Whilst Marty provided invaluable insights into product management methodology within startups. All of our teams walked away from each session with their minds blown! On other fronts we are now well into growth and traction (weeks 4-8). Each team now has a lead mentor to help guide them and demonstrate traction by June 4th – Demo Day.

In other “outside office hours” news, Max from Preno won the #LLAKL inaugural poker competition and we’ve seen our first lab tech sleep on the couch after lengthy Friday night festivities.

Checkout what’s been happening around the lab this week;

Focus on: Logicore

Tweet(s) of the week;

Lab Life;

Lunch of the week; Broker Better

Andrew demolishing half a chicken!

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