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Week 4: Lightning Lab Christchurch

52 days until Lightning Lab Christchurch Demo Day!

4 weeks in and 1/3rd of the the way through the programme! Week 4 provided provided time for teams to reflect and reevaluate as well as working to establish advisory boards to continue on their journey.

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Speakers this week included:


John Barr spoke and provided excellent insight into early stage startup governance, encouraging teams to think beyond life at the lab.


It was excellent to have Dave Allison in the lab to cover early stage startup valuations; no longer a foreign concept for the cohort.

Heath Miligan 3

Heath Milligan challenged teams on their best route to market, engaging with customers, and other crucial questions flowing on from the lean canvas.

Top notch “on demand” pitching:


With the construction work going on in our building, we had a surprise fire alarm this week. But one builder conveniently parked his pickup truck outside the lab, so we capitalised on the opportunity and had teams do their 1 minute pitch on this new stage.

Around the Lab:

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Thanks for the colourful beanbags BNZ!         Utilising GreenHouse windows to promote the LLCHCH cohort!

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