Week 2: Lightning Lab Auckland - Lightning Lab
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Week 2: Lightning Lab Auckland

70 days until Demo Day!

Week 2 has seen the teams plunge further into customer development! We’ve also been lucky to hear from speakers like Duncan Ledwith (Market Validation guru), Robbie Paul (ICE Angels), Murray Thom (Legend) and Heath Sadlier (Optimal Experience/PWC).

Below is a great slide deck from Steve Blank – who invented the customer development methodology we are also familiar with!

Post of the week:

In the press: Preno + Wear it her way


Quote of the week: Murray Thom

LL Alumni:

The team at Glassjar are pitching at Y-combinator demo day this week – this is on the back of recently launching their payment app into the US market.  It now covers a much broader payment space, going from helping students manage their finances to all people managing shared costs in a range of situations – from dining out in a restaurant to going on holiday together.

Check out their features on;

NZHerald: Kiwi startup Glassjar launches payments app in the US

ProductHunt: Glassjar- Collect money from friends to pay for things together

 Next week:

Many teams are currently undertaking customer interviews! More insights next week

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