Week 12: Lightning Lab Christchurch - Lightning Lab
Lightning Lab Christchurch

Week 12: Lightning Lab Christchurch



Phase of the programme

We made it! Demo Day was Thursday 5th of November and was an enormous success. There were over 200 people present and multiple livestream events around the country. There was investor interest in every team, which means teams are now busy following up with all interested investors.

Lightning Lab Christchurch 2015 Demo Day Fund

Investors have told us that it can be difficult to decide which of the Lightning Lab companies to support.

A “Demo Day” fund is an ideal way to resolve this issue and has been an effective vehicle during the previous programmes. As an individual investor you don’t need to make this decision because the demo day fund works by automatically investing in each of the startups that are able to independently raise funds following demo day.

There is a minimum investment of $10k per investor. The fund uses pre determined criteria so is not influenced by the opinions of the fund managers.  Investments will be made automatically into Lightning Lab Christchurch companies who attract; at least 5 investors, one of which is a clear lead investor, with those investors committing to invest at least 50% of the capital required.

If you are interested in the Demo Day fund, please contact Ben Reid Chairman of Canterbury Angels, ben.reid@memia.com.

Lightning Lab Christchurch Demo Day 2015


The crowd gathering in the Jack Mann auditorium



Adrien pitching Bamtino



Jock pitching MightyGem



Tim pitching Address.cool



Alex pitching PocketPhysio



Brook pitching MTech Games



Dorenda Britten introduced Abbe from SuchCrowd to the stage



Maxim pitching Pensolve



Nicola pitching PropertyPlot



Matt pitching Debtor Daddy


And all of our incredible photos are credit of Erica Austin, thank you Erica!

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