Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2018 week-11


Just keep pitching

We just can’t stop pitching over here at the KFA. The teams’ pitch clarity has improved drastically over the past week and we can’t wait to see them live on demo day. The support from not only the KFA staff but the other ventures is a huge help for teams to understand which points still need some spicing up. Everyone has been able to learn a lot about their own pitching ability by watching others pitch and providing feedback. This again reinforces how close this programme has grown as a community, with teams acting as a soundboard for one another, helping each other improve.


To guide dialogue with potential investors on demo day, our teams have been creating an executive summary… This is a one-pager describing what the company does and why it is worthy of investment – pretty similar to their pitch but in written form. A great one-pager should be easy to read and should cover the following points:

  1. The problem you solve.
  2. Solution
  3. Target market
  4. Business model + traction
  5. Competitors
  6. Investment ask

An executive summary is an awesome resource to have on-hand during demo day and something investors will be looking for if interested in a venture.

Time to chill out

With less than two weeks before demo day, teams have kicked it into high gear. To keep the teams sane during this intense period, we had a much needed midweek ice cream break. The cohort took over a close by gelato cafe for a sugar rush and an opportunity to get their minds off work. It was great to see how close our teams have grown. The KFA space has developed into a close-knit environment where teams collaborate daily to help each other reach their goals.

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