Week 11: Lightning Lab Christchurch - Lightning Lab
Lightning Lab Christchurch

Week 11: Lightning Lab Christchurch


ONE day until Lightning Lab Christchurch Demo Day!

Phase of the Programme

Pitch and investment-readiness are receiving all attention at the moment, with Demo Day tomorrow!

Visitors to the lab

Dave Moskovitz flew down on Wednesday and worked with the teams on pitching and securing pre-commitments from investors.

Trevor Dickinson came down Thursday and Friday and also provided one-on-one feedback for each team. Trevor met a few members in the Canterbury Angel community at a ‘sneak peek’ on Friday morning.

Sam Bonney was the Programme Manager of Lightning Lab Wellington, and popped in a couple of days this week to check in with the Christchurch programme and spent some quality time with a couple of teams.


Abbe, SuchCrowd, pitched at Ministry of Awesome Coffee + Jam

Meet a few of our teams 


Hamish and Jock from MightyGem


Tin, Jacob and Abbe from SuchCrowd


Nicola and Seth from PropertyPlot


Geoff, Charlie, Michelle
Lightning Lab Christchurch

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