Sponsors in GreenHouse - Lightning Lab

Sponsors in GreenHouse

Last week at Lightning Lab Christchurch we renamed our meeting rooms to highlight our incredible sponsors and to keep them in the forefront of our minds.  The sponsors have been generous enough not only to help us fund Lightning Lab, but also to make themselves available to the teams for guidance and contacts. We’ve done away with “Red Room” and “Blue Room,” – now we are meeting with mentors in the “Spark Suite,” working on design in the quiet “Sourced Sanctuary,” and eating and unwinding in the “BNZ Kitchen.”

Here is your guided tour through GreenHouse:


park Suite: Spark brings people together.  The Spark Suite bridges two meeting rooms and provides a view of the whole lab, and teams use it as a gathering space to reconnect.


Sourced Sanctuary
: Sourced gets you the people you need to get things done.  The Sourced Sanctuary is a quiet space in Greenhouse for designing, programming, and concentrating.


Microsoft Ventures Auditorium
: Microsoft Ventures helps startups across the world build great companies.  The Microsoft Ventures Auditorium connects the lab to videos and presentations by or about other entrepreneurs, both near and far, giving the lab a broader perspective.

PWC Corner
: PWC provides the expertise your business needs in an uncertain world.  Teams at Lightning Lab use the PWC Corner for meetings with mentors and Lab Techs, getting outside guidance for their ventures.

UC Business Boardroom
: The UC School of Business and Economics trains tomorrow’s leaders to solve New Zealand’s problems.  At Greenhouse, the UC Business Boardroom is used for larger meetings to address the biggest challenges.


Duncan Cotterill Phone Booth: Duncan Cotterill is committed to growth, enterprise, and moving on tomorrow, today. When teams need outside resources, but want to stay in touch with their workspace in Greenhouse, they step into the Duncan Cotterill Phone Booth to make a call.

BNZ Kitchen
: BNZ is all about helping New Zealand flourish, and the lunch and coffee at the BNZ Kitchen help to bring the lab together and give the teams the energy to make their dreams happen.

CDC Lounge
: CDC’s goal is to promote new directions, long-term growth, and regional leadership for Canterbury’s economy.  In the CDC Lounge, teams discuss the plans and ideas that are moving Canterbury forward.

Callaghan Innovation Incubator
: Callaghan Innovation makes your ideas happen.  Sometimes teams at Greenhouse need a separate space to think things through–so they go to the Callaghan Innovation Incubator to nurture their ideas so they can become reality.

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