Today, we dialled in with Genesis to speak to Jenny Burke – Community Investment Manager, James Magill – Executive General Manager, Bridget Catchpole – Internal Comms  Manager, Troy Hicks – Business Category Manager

Genesis is the largest electricity and natural gas retailer in New Zealand and supplies energy solutions to 480,000 New Zealanders.

Typical energy retailers work with electricity generation companies like Transpower (who are responsible for energy transmissions in NZ) as well as network companies to provide consumers with a single price point for their power – which will include the energy, transmission and distribution costs. Genesis isn’t your typical energy retailer though. Like a small number of other companies, Genesis is what the industry calls a “gentailer” – someone who both sells electricity and generates their own electricity.

Genesis is re-imagining energy to put control in their customers’ hands and to see what that means in practice check out: yearinreview.genesisenergy.co.nz



James Magill, Genesis’ Executive GM focused on Product Marketing, says sponsoring Lightning Lab Electric is “exactly the kind of programme, people and ways of working that we want to encourage and work with.”

Genesis is already working to promote innovation within the company, with internal initiatives including hackathons and the development of cross-functional ‘scrum’ teams.

Outside the company, Genesis is also focused on community-driven projects that align with their mission:

  • The “Local Energy Project” in Martinborough. The project’s initial offer to customers has been focused on solar power installation and access to other products including batteries, electric vehicle chargers and energy-monitoring tools. Since the launch, over 375 people registered their interest and over 100 customers have signed up to take part. This not only created a localised ecosystem of usage and insight, but also educates consumers around energy efficiency and understanding their own energy consumption habits – with potential applications for Genesis customers around New Zealand
  • The Schoolgen scheme, which started in 2006, and has since worked with almost 100 NZ schools to provide them with PV (photovoltaic) systems to generate and store their own power, teach children about solar energy and electricity generation.

Drawing from his experience in the energy sector internationally, James commented that the industry “is facing a quiet revolution, that won’t be quiet for too much longer.”

James continued to express how the collaboration between Genesis and the LLE programme is an ideal way to foster innovation and develop early partnerships with entrepreneurs to create “an ecosystem of partners to succeed in the industry”.

What did LLE learn from Genesis?

James Swope, Programme Manager, was impressed with hearing how involved Genesis is participating in innovative projects both within and outside of their own company – and added how glad he is to have such an active sponsor on board!

From the ventures, Ampli’s Jason was eager to hear more about Genesis’ approach to partnering with the electricity networks, especially on projects such as the “Local Energy Project”, in Martinborough.

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