Lightning Lab Electric has drawn support from companies across different industries and all with a keen focus on innovation. Today, we were joined by Kevin Hart, from General Electric to speak about GE’s support for Lightning Lab Electric. Hart is the Country Leader for New Zealand at GE, one of the world’s leading industrial technology companies.

General Electric is working to transform industries with connected and learning machine solutions. GE’s ongoing internal transformation brought about the launch of their Predix System™ – a system to connect machines, and their data, to analytics with the aim of improving operations. Predix was tested across GE’s entities in New Zealand first before launching globally, securing themselves at the forefront of innovation for the industrial sector.

GE is truly committed to innovation having recently developed the Predix System™, an industrial internet platform. Looking to support and grow NZ communities, they were initial sponsors of the Energy Innovation Challenge and then came on board as Lightning Lab Electric sponsors.

Hart expressed how important being outside of a normal working environment can be, and the advantage speaking to people you wouldn’t usually be able to access, “starting conversations and stimulating discussions that you wouldn’t have in your own environment, which can spark new ideas and different opportunities.”

GE’s internal transformation into the digital industrial world, and alongside some of our other sponsors (Unison and Westpac particularly) highlights not only an electricity-wide but also cross-industry, focus on improving underlying asset efficiencies.

In the case of GE, asset efficiency covers quite a spectrum due to their subdivisions.

Kevin stated that from the GE perspective, a company that they could align or partner with which may improve a gas turbine within a power station, or the efficiency of a power transformer (therefore extending its life cycle) would be really appealing.

Kevin sees the collaboration of GE and the programme as a partnership, to develop relationships and the industrial sector, “to kickstart the GE journey but also give back to the local industry, helping startups and other companies evolve their ideas.”

GE lightning lab electric sponsor

What did LLE learn from Kevin?

From the programme, Brett was keen to hear the opportunities the Predix System™ may create for ventures to build and test solutions on, both within NZ and then potentially work towards global implementation with GE.

From the ventures, Sam, from Polanyio, highlighted the growth of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) sector – estimated to be worth over $7 trillion by 2025 – as a really interesting avenue for exploration, with the industry now catching up to the consumer market in its use of real-time data.

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