Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2017 selection day accountingpod


On the 14th of December 2016, seventeen teams pitched their hearts out in a fight for just eight places in the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator. Each team had just 5 minutes to sell their idea and were peppered with questions for 10 minutes afterwards.

Check out the video from the day!

Let’s look at the teams!


Calum MacLeod and Gopal SA are the founders of Insurely, a platform with complementary robo-advice engine to help eliminate pain in the life insurance market and to provide management and organisation around policies. They aim to attract people who have households with dependents or mortgage debt.


Andrew Montague and Carl Douglas are the founders of Investful, an automated portfolio management tool. They have chosen for their funds to be passively managed following the research by Fama-French and Modern Portfolio Theory. This will enable significantly lower fees to be charged. They aim to attract Kiwis who are aware of better portfolio management solutions than active fund management and are seeking funds with lower fees, as well as those who are young, technically savvy and looking to save for a house or retirement.


Joshua Vial and Damian Sligo-Green are the founders of Cobudget, a participatory budgeting software aiming to decentralise financial decision making. They have seen that a lot of membership-based organisations want to give their members more visibility and control over how their financial contributions are used. There are also a lot of organisations who are interested in non-hierarchical organising. They believe Cobudget will suit people in these situations well.


Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2017 selection day profitcubed

Richard Jarvis, Mike Capper, Graeme Middleton, and Jono Dale are the founders of Profitcubed. They are building the most user-friendly and intuitive business intelligence tool that delivers actionable results for small to medium-sized businesses. They aim to attract SMEs with more than one employee, utilise online accounting software e.g. Xero, owners are reasonably computer literate, don’t really understand how to improve financial performance, and have ‘cash flow’ or ‘optimising’ as a pain point.


Sulu Fiti and Victor Vaeua are the founders of Liberac, which helps make remittance payments to the Pacific Islands cheaper, easier and secure using cryptocurrency, blockchain technology. They aim to attract Pacific Island people supporting their home economies by way of remittance payments.


Priyesh Tiwari, Jyoti Tiwari, and Chandan Datta are the founders of HealthyAZ, an innovative health savings programme to support people from all income groups to participate in a savings and rewards programme that promotes a healthy lifestyle and timely access to healthcare professionals. They aim to attract individuals and whanau who may not have enough money to pay co-payments to healthcare providers when they need to, and healthcare providers who want to help their business sustainability and encourage their customers to pay in a way they are able to.


Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2017 selection day sharesies

Leighton Roberts, Sonya Williams, Brooke Anderson, and John Scully are the founders of Sharesies,  an investment platform that aggregates funds. They aim to attract ‘Generation Rent’, people in their mid-late 20’s to mid-thirties who are earning money but are unable to put that into buying a house due to the increase in house prices (or more flexible lifestyle choices). The quarter-acre dream may not be a reality for this generation – and they need to do something with their money. On the other hand, term deposit interest rates are low, so just saving the money in a bank account is a disappointing alternative. Within this group, there is also low awareness of investing or how to get started with investing. But there is a desire to grow their net worth.


Tal Meser and Florian Sänge are the founders of Flatfish, which helps landlords communicate and deliver the best service for their tenants through an online platform that organises maintenance in their rental property. They aim to attract landlords, tradespeople and tenants.


Jordan MacLachlan and Scott MacLachlan are the founders of StashNZ, which provides simple, visual personal fixed asset management for consumers and SME’s. They aim to attract insurance companies to help claims become more accurate and cost-effective, consumers to help make insurance claims and procurement of equipment easier, and SME to help make insurance claims and the management of assets easier.


Adam Bradley, Shane Day, and Tony Temaru are the founders of UNIFY, a self-sovereign identity management system using blockchain technology. They believe identity is a critical focus for any organisation securing access to its infrastructure and services and are now a key security partner for companies and governments needing to deliver services to their customers in a digital and mobile economy. They particularly aim to attract those in the public sector and large enterprises.

Foreign Exchange Central

Jegan Siva is the founder of Foreign Exchange Central, which provides fast online cross-border transfers and payments. They aim to attract anyone who needs FX conversion whether for business transfers, invoice payments or international purchases using credit cards.


XingDong Yan, Michael Ng, and Judith Cambridge are the founders of AccountingPod, a platform which reimagines financial education through providing each learner with a real-life business in a real industry to build their financial literacy. They aim to attract tertiary institutions and their business students because of the immediate need in bridging the skills gap between graduates and the industries that the students want to work in – the skills gap created by automation and offshoring. Their long-term vision is to help to educate/re-educate millions of people (whose jobs/profession are impacted by automation) into Small Medium business roles.


Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2017 selection day tradeoff

Mike Burden is the founder of TradeOff, the world’s first premium quality and entertainment based financial literacy platform. They aim to attract the approximately mass affluent and emerging mass affluent globally. These individuals are faced with macroeconomic financial challenges: cost of living pressures, gender inequality, employment insecurity, increasing longevity, the prospect of being poorer than their parents, and the inability of governments to provide a satisfactory financial safety net in retirement.


Adiraj Gupta (CEO), Charlene Leong (CEO), Corey Wilkinson (CTO), and Nanda Hibatullah are the founders of Ez., a platform for users to pay for anything and everything using the Ez. QR system. They aim to attract millennials, aged 15-29 who are constantly using their mobile phones to do everything. This target market would be the starting point to maximize the reach and network effects of this targeted group of people but the system could be used by anyone regardless of age to help them save money and make payments easier.


Josh Highet, Gabriel Laing Aiken, and Lawrence Webster are the founders of Flik, which consolidates all bank accounts into a streamlined application that takes the hassle out of multiple applications and varying interfaces for every bank. Flik supports instant inter-bank transfers and allows you to search through all of your accounts in a breeze, categorise spending while making life less complicated in the process. They aim to attract any individual already proficient with mobile banking, whom holds accounts with multiple banks and is wanting a simplified way to check their balances, categorise, and search through all transactions under their name and easily send money to friends and family instantly regardless of their provider.

It was wonderful seeing all the creative ideas on the day and the finalised participants will be announced early 2017 – so keep an eye out!

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