Lightning Lab XX

A woman-founder focused accelerator
New Zealand’s first woman founder focused programme, Lightning Lab XX, ran in Wellington from March to July 2016. The cohort was made up of 9 teams, 18 individuals, and 7 lab techs from all over New Zealand.

The programme received the support of almost 100 mentors, who worked alongside the teams to help develop their ideas into investable companies with global potential. Mentors for the XX programme included Annette Presley, Kristen Lunman, and Dave Moskovitz.

Throughout the programme, the teams were surrounded by the connections and expertise they needed to move at lightning speed. Over 50 local and international speakers brought their specialised knowledge into the lab, and the teams had the opportunity to enlist the help of interns from Yoobee ACG School of Design.

Lightning Lab is a very intense programme that teaches you the essentials of a mini MBA in 3 months using your own project.

This is not an incubator where you go in, cash in the money and do what you like. This is for people who are open to relearning how to do business and doing things in a new way, no matter how long they have been working on their idea for.

Mel Langlotz, Geo AR Games

Think of the hardest thing you have ever had to do, and then multiply it by 10! But on top of that, it is hugely rewarding, and an experience you will never forget. It will change you as a person.

It was an incredible environment to grow my business, surrounded by more support, encouragement and resources than you could ever imagine.

Virginia Fay,  Patternsnap


Skincare for adventurers

Ama Balm is a natural balm used by adventurers to hydrate their weathered skin after being exposed to the elements.

Launching only eight months ago, Ama Balm is already featured in major surf, ski and adventure towns in NZ. The company aims to build a natural skincare range that serves the needs of adventurers across the globe.

Digital outdoor gaming

Geo AR Games get kids off the couch and active outside by creating digital outdoor experiences using geospatial augmented reality on a smartphone or tablet.

Combining digital content with a real-time video feed, their motion games create immersive experiences for kids and invite them to explore new worlds by walking and running. City councils are using the product to attract tech-minded families to parks, and parents are embracing the opportunity to help their kids foster healthy relationships with technology.

Connecting people nearby

Hive brings communities together by connecting people who need a hand with those who have the time and skills to help.

At the heart of Hive is the idea that trust is valuable, and that communities can build trust. Using a mobile app, Hive facilitates finding and matching jobs and processing payments. The app helps to build a trusted community by connecting locals to get work done.

Quality chicken, delivered

Liangma allows quality-sensitive buyers to order fresh, free-range chicken for home delivery.

The company connects free-range farms with inner-city buyers through a digital platform and logistics network. This creates an easy and reliable way for their Chengdu-based customers to buy the best poultry products. Liangma’s promise of 24-hour delivery fits perfectly with the Chinese culture of eating the freshest, highest quality produce.

Ethically made uniforms

Little Yellow Bird is a company that supplies businesses with more than just a uniform.

Little Yellow Bird designs and manufactures bespoke, high-quality workwear with one key difference: everyone from the cotton farmer to the tailor is paid fairly for the work they do. Little Yellow Bird provides ethical employment opportunities and re-invests profits back into community development projects.

Online music school

Music Ecademy is a web application that teaches music theory and aural skills in a fun and engaging way through interactive lessons, quizzes, and games.

The application helps to engage students while also saving teachers valuable time and resources. The curriculum is relevant for music schools and teachers in
Australia, NZ and the UK.

End of life matters

NoticeMATCH helps any business ensure their customer’s final experience is achieved in a timely and empathetic manner.

Empowering companies by identifying deceased customers quickly gives them the tools to undertake their legal, moral or ethical obligations and build great relationships with the families.

Digital sample book

Patternsnap is a digital library of interior design samples for designers and showrooms.

It provides a beautiful, simple tool to search for products and create schemes. Patternsnap saves designers precious time, enabling access to a comprehensive database of unique samples. Currently available as an iOS app, Patternsnap is a virtual showroom in your pocket.

Healthy fast food

Sipreme is joyful future food – healthy, nutritionally complete, and super convenient.

For busy people with cooler stuff to do than burn toast in the morning, this is it. It’s a fast, liquid meal that gives the adult body every nutrient it needs! The product improves with each new batch, following customer feedback. It’s the perfect, healthy solution for unromantic, functional meals.


Adam McLoughlin
Amanda Santos
Andrea L. Hancock
Annette Presley
Ben Kepes
Bron Thomson
Cath Archer
Dave Moskovitz
David Beard
David Clearwater
Glenn Andert
Helena McMullin

Ian Fay
Jacky Laverty
James Fuller
Jan Ferguson
Jenny Sutton
Jon Hancock
Kristen Lunman
Mary Ellen Gordon
Megan Tomkins
Natalia Albert
Nick Gerritsen
Pallas Hupé Cotter

Patrick Rose
Rebecca Caroe
Rochelle Harrison
Roisin King
Sam Knowles
Samantha Gadd
Sarah Gibbs
Scott Champion
Stella Brenninkmeijer
Stephanie Charles
Stephen Knightly
Steve Nightingale

Stu McMullin
Susan Iorns
Suse Reynolds
Terry Chapman
Terry Shubkin
Toni Moyes
Tui Te Hau
Victoria Spackman