Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2018

NZ's first FinTech Accelerator
Kiwibank and Lightning Lab join forces to make life better for Kiwis.

The Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator ran for the first time in 2017 and was an opportunity for high impact businesses to contribute to making Kiwis, New Zealand companies and the local financial system better.

In 2018, the programme worked with 9 startups, who worked in areas like cryptocurrency investing, tax compliance, payments, insurance, identity regulations or asset management. They used technologies such as Blockchain, AI, machine learning, bots and cryptocurrencies to bring their solutions to life.

Five of our teams pitched to a room of over 50 investors, with a combined ask of $3.4m across the companies and pre-existing commitments before all nine pitched to over 500 members of the public, including stakeholders from industry and key members in the fintech community.

A refined and powerful process and structure, that gives you a great kick start, but is still very flexible to your needs.

Tim D’Shea, Greenbase

If you are really serious about your startup and want to catapult this in a serious and disciplined way, you need to do KFA.

Abhy Singla, Invsta


Payments with impact

Choice is a payments platform that empowers people to make a difference every time they pay. We reduce transaction fees for merchants, and enable consumers to allocate half of the transaction fee to a charity of their choice. Choice does this by introducing a direct transfer infrastructure for NZ.

Utilising blockchain technology, Choice creates a traceable and transparent value transfer protocol that will scale to create global impact. A choice to pay is a choice to make a difference.

Control your digital ID

The rise of cryptocurrencies and the use of blockchain are opening up new opportunities. A key challenge is the ability to link digital identity to flat world identity in a way that meets regulatory hurdles.

Centrality, Kiwibank and Datacom share the vision for an open standards-based identity infrastructure that centres on people and enables new ecosystems to flourish.

Ego Identity is a proof of concept of a self-sovereign identity solution where individuals have choice and sovereignty over their digital selves to the same degree they have control over their physical selves.

Catalysing the fintech revolution

There is no shortage of great ideas for revolutionising the financial world, but the existing banking infrastructure can’t keep up. Greenbase is igniting innovation in the financial sector, by providing flexible and secure access to this infrastructure, so that fintechs can get on with changing the face of banking.

We’re starting with an API-driven payments platform which will be fast, easy, affordable, and will integrate easily with existing technology. In doing so, Greenbase will make Open Banking easier for the banks, and act as guardians for Kiwis, making sure that their critically-sensitive financial data is always handled responsibly.

Self-employment, simplified

There is an exponential increase in self-employment numbers worldwide, fuelled by the ‘gig’ economy, but banks and government agencies haven’t adapted to this new way of working. That’s where Hnry comes in. Hnry revolutionises self-employment, by ‘wiring’ the gig economy.

Hnry turns self-employed tax into ‘pay as you earn’, handling everything from calculating, paying and filing your taxes through to managing yo ur invoicing and expenses. Hnry makes being self-employed as simple and risk-free as having a permanent job, ensuring that the self-employed never have to worry about tax and compliance ever again.

Be smarter, move in sooner

In New Zealand, and globally, there is a housing affordability crisis. Buying a home is likely to be one of the largest financial decisions during yo ur lifetime, so it makes sense to get as much help as possible.

With a consolidated dashboard, homeScore combines the housing market and your savings to visualise where you stand. When you are near your goal, homeScore tells you so that you can act swiftly. Home-buyers are supported by a combination of community and AI suggestions that intelligently suggest actions such as paying down debt or making KiwiSaver contributions. HomeScore is your digital house-buying tool, assisting on your journey from starting to save to being mortgage-ready.

Simple and diversified cryptocurrency investing

Globally there is huge interest to invest in cryptocurrencies and a growing crypto financial movement. However, the majority of people have no idea how to get started, what to invest in, and other unknowns such as storage, security and trust.

Invsta makes it simple for the first time crypto investor, and the current crypto dabbler alike. Anyone can join the crypto movement with Invsta and it’s simple process makes it easy to invest as much or as little as you want. With access to a range of well-researched cryptocurrency portfolios, Invsta saves you time and effort and allows you to invest into crypto with confidence.

AI-powered customer journeys

JRNY is a B2B platform that on-boards a customer efficiently and converts a lead into to a paying customer.

Our solution streamlines the customer journey by deploying artificially intelligent chatbots at the right stage of a custom er’s life-cycle. This provides a kick-ass customer experience which significantly decreases customer acquisition costs.

Making insurance easy as

Stash aims to set a new standard for delivering insurance. We offer an intuitive, fully customisable insurance policy app powered by artificial intelligence, that is tailormade for the lifestyles of digital natives, starting with contents insurance.

As a user, the Stash app helps you create a digital version of your stash of valued items, with photos, receipts and warranties. This is then used to craft your own policy with our unique DIY tool, while data science and artificial intelligence do the admin for you. Stash is insurance on your terms, at your fingertips. No jargon, true personalisation, with transparent pricing.

Empowering Māori entrepreneurs to fund the things they care about

Tā Koha is a new way for indigenous companies to raise capital through crowdfunding – whether it be money or koha (in-kind support).

Entrepreneurs can raise money by involving their crowd of whāna u, hapū, iwi, fans and wider supporters. This helps turn the often lonely journey of entrepreneurship into one that is supported and grown with the help of their crowd. Tā Koha has been co-created by PledgeMe and Māori Women’s Development Inc and is powered by the core PledgeMe platform.


Andrew Dentice
Andy Higgs
Asa Cox
Brett Holland
Catherine Jones
Glenn Andert
Ian Fay
Jesse Armstrong

John Lyon
Jon Davies
Jonnie Haddon
Kevin Whitmore
Kristen Lunman
Martin White
Matthew Chowen
Michael Murphy

Mike Hyde
Rick Brown
Roisin King
Serge van Dam
Simon Hay
Simon Swallow
Tim Nunn
Tim Ransom