Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator 2017

NZ's first FinTech Accelerator
Kiwibank and Lightning Lab join forces to make life better for Kiwis.

The Kiwibank FinTech inaugural Accelerator ran in 2017. This was an opportunity for high impact businesses to contribute to making Kiwis, New Zealand companies and the NZ financial system better.

Startups worked in areas like payments, financial literacy, security, insurance, identity regulations, lending, investing, or asset management. They used technologies such as Blockchain, AI, machine learning, bots and cryptocurrencies to bring their solution to life.

Being part of the Kiwibank FinTech Accelerator helped us turn our idea into a business. Providing us with the momentum, tools and support we needed along the way.

Sonya Williams, Sharesies

It’s a place to discover, learn and pressure test yourself, your team and your fledgling business. Together with mentors, speakers, networks and a wealth of further knowledge and ideas I’d absolutely recommend you try to get a place in the next programme!

Judith Cambridge, AccountingPod


Real financial experience

Accounting Pod gives students the real financial experience they need to get a job in business.

Accounting Pod uses real business data to create a financial simulator for business learning.

Using the latest cloud business tools, like Xero and machine learning to turn data into content, Accounting Pod provides event-driven, experiential and practical learning for student and business success.

Serving Pacific communities with FinTech

Liberac helps Pacific Islanders in New Zealand support family back home.

Liberac is exploring how new financial technologies can change the way Pasifika communities receive, manage and send money.

This team envisages a fairer deal for the communities they serve. Currently, the team is looking at the convergence of financial education and FinTech products, and what that could mean for those communities.

NZ financial services registry in weeks not years

New Zealand has led financial services innovation. How can we leapfrog in the new era?

Greater connectivity of banking services is an international trend. Overseas, it’s governments and regulators who are creating this environment. The projects are often big, slow and expensive.

This project uncovered the opportunity for an identity service for bank account verification. By applying experience in public cloud platforms and high-scale safe solutions, the team turned it quickly into a working prototype.

In NZ we can do things differently. This project proves we can apply the public cloud to quickly deploy solutions allowing us to leapfrog other international markets rather than risk being left behind.

Love investing

Sharesies gives someone with $50 the same investment opportunities as someone with $50,000.

Sharesies makes investing easy (and maybe even a little addictive); providing an accessible platform that removes the barriers that stand in the way of most people investing today.

People sign up to invest regularly into Sharesies, then choose from a range of funds to invest in (without the minimum buy-in that most funds need to get started). Customers can then track and manage their investments all online.

Rent happy

Tapi makes communication and maintenance in your rental properties easy.

Tapi is turning the painful process of solving maintenance issues into simple, actionable steps for tenants, landlords and property managers. The online platform is giving all parties an overview, keeping them up-to-date with the progress and notifying the right person at the right time.

Tapi saves landlords and property managers time and money, while improving the experience for tenants.

Simplifying business insurance

Empowering businesses through technology to get the insurance cover that is right for them.

Too many businesses have no protection against critical business risks. Due to poor advice and complicated products and processes, they only realise when it’s too late.

Teddy uses technology to simplify insurance so that businesses can see their risks and get the cover that is right for them, at a lower cost.

Protect yourself before you wreck yourself

Millennials are under-served when it comes to life and living insurance.

Through intensive customer research, Wicket has uncovered a gap in the market of Life and Living insurance. Millennials are unaware of the risks to their lifestyles, nor the products that can mitigate them.

Life and Living insurance propositions are outdated, and need a serious revamp if insurers want to meet the needs of the world’s largest new market.


Asa Cox
Ben Northrop
David Cameron
Geoff Brash
Ian Fay
James Fuller
Jessica Venning-Bryan

Justin Douche
Kendall Flutey
Mandy Simpson
Martin White
Mike Hyde
Sam Knowles
Sam Minnee

Stuart Van Rij
Sunit Prakash
Suse Reynolds
Terese Tunnicliffe
Tim von Dadelszen