Kiwi FinTech Accelerator

What is it?

Shaking up the financial services industry

The Kiwi FinTech Accelerator is a three-month acceleration programme for companies ready to grow.

In its third year, the programme has already helped contribute to fintech success stories such as Sharesies, Jrny, Choice and Hnry.

Running in Auckland, Wellington and Southland, 20 teams from around the globe will work with mentors, industry experts and regulators to problem solve, build networks and develop strategies for growth.

The accelerator is delivered by Creative HQ’s Lightning Lab alongside strategic partners Kiwibank, Xero with support from core partners Centrality, SBS Bank and Kiwi Wealth, partners Centrix and Visa and supporters EY and Simmonds Stewart.

This approach ultimately provides participating companies with a chance to scale through partnership opportunities.

Who takes part?

Startups, scaleups and global businesses working in all parts of the financial sector; payments, financial literacy, security, insurance, identity regulations, lending, investing and asset management. Often using technologies such as Blockchain, AI, machine learning, bots and cryptocurrencies to address issues and opportunities in the sector.

The programme culminates in a demo day where companies pitch their ideas to investors, partners and stakeholders from the fintech community to secure funding and partnership opportunities.

Why get involved?

The Kiwi FinTech accelerator programme gives companies access to mentors, experts, regulators, previous accelerator participants, top companies, potential partners and regulators all in one place.

The programme provides the chance for companies to share their innovations directly with the New Zealand market, tap into the expertise of other businesses, and access the support they need to successfully validate their business.

The New Zealand market provides the ideal environment for FinTech companies to test and learn: it has just one tier of regulators and are able to work directly with participants throughout the programme.

The New Zealand market is made up of a broad demographic, including a significant proportion of early adopters, which makes the ideal testing ground for new solutions.

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Meet the Teams


We make homeownership achievable by matching first home buyers to co-own a property. By registering with Miuwi, you can stop renting and purchase your own home or investment property within just a few weeks. It’s in our name, me + you = we. Miuwi.

Miuwi is made up of Nicola Valentine, Brad Parsonson, Matthew Jackson and Dale Appleby – Wellington based


We aim to help Kiwis give back to the community by providing a platform that facilitates a way for donors to augment their positive impact. We will provide an easy way to get back and gift donation refunds to charities they support or invest in Socially Responsible funds.

Fundafuture is made up of Franco Sabadini, Guillaume Dehan,  Sandy Isaac and J-B Roussel – Wellington based


Pocketful is the easiest way to pay and manage any bill. Built for individuals, couples and groups, Pocketful creates happy households by taking the pain away from payments.

Pocketful is made up of Steve Adams – Auckland based

Future Insights

We help retail banks understand and service customers based on their dynamic and predicted behaviours.

Future Insights is made up of Jiao Xie, Werson Wong and Ian Wong – Wellington based


BankEngine is an API platform that lets you access all of New Zealand’s banks through a unified API.

BankEngine is made up of Elliot Darling and William Seager – Auckland based


Loop.local’s goal is to provide a social and logistics software platform and a toolkit allowing communities to create a self-managed economy to leverage a range of unique benefits while take a step towards rejuvenation, reconnecting and reducing reliance of international imported goods.

Loop.local is based in Invercargill

First AML

First AML is a platform for streamlining customer due diligence and identity verification. Our technology makes the experience quick and easy for end-users and AML Reporting Entities.

First AML is made up of Milan Cooper, Chris Caigou and Bion Behdin – Auckland based

Stream RLP

Stream offers a digital platform that leverages A.I. and Machine Learning to enable lenders to provide an end-to-end, responsible lending experience to their customers.

Stream RLP is made up of Sheenu Chawla and Sulabh Sharma – Wellington based

MyCap Markets

MyCap Markets want to create a regulated marketplace for trading and investing in Kiwi businesses.

MyCap Markets is made up of Colin Magee and Adam Berry – Wellington based

Cove Insurance

Cove provides personal insurance to New Zealanders. Cove strives to make insurance simple & digital for its customers.

Cove Insurance is made up of Andy Coon, Brett Wilson and Rob Coon – Auckland based


A marketplace for KYC Assets.


Streamlining Global Trade.

Outward is made up of Troy Mackie and Erin Walshe.


Helping businesses grow with simple financial benchmarking.


Digital lending.

Maverick is made up of David Woods.

Notable Alumni



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