Lightning Lab Digital 2015: Auckland

Lightning Lab heads to Auckland
Auckland’s inaugural Lightning Lab cohort was made up of 9 teams, 26 individuals, and 12 lab techs from all over New Zealand.

The programme received the support of more than 100 mentors over the 12-week duration, who worked alongside the teams to help develop their ideas into investible companies with global potential. Mentors from 2015 included Miles Valentine, Andy Lark, Claudia Batten, and Ben Kepes.

Throughout the process, teams had access to an amazing range of local and international speakers. With 10 international speakers and 25 local speakers, we clocked up a total of 65 hours of speaker sessions.

After 12 weeks of hard startup slog, Lightning Lab 2015 showcased its 9 tech startups at their Demo Day on June 4th. The event attracted more than 200 NZ-based and international investors, as well as various media channels, mentors, alumni, and supporters from the entrepreneurial community. Over 400 attendees RSVP’d for the final Demo Day, filling the venue to capacity. On top of this, 600 extra people viewed the demo day through live-streaming from 11 different countries. Investors expressed interest of up to $1.4M on the night of Demo Day.

Lightning Lab has honed our focus, provided us with clarity of vision, and made our team stronger and more resilient than we could have hoped for.
The programme has driven and inspired us – accelerating our progress and enabling us to accomplish things that we could have never done without Lightning Lab.

Kevin Fraher, Justly

Lightning Lab has given us the skills to help us build a global company and I feel like I now have an MBA in startups.
I think Lightning Lab is the best way to meet other passionate people and grow a network to help grow your business further.

Amelia Gain, Preno


Referrals reverse-engineered, taking word of mouth online.

Using software, BrokerBetter transforms advisory firms to self-sustaining profit engines that generate a significant portion of new business through referrals, mainly leveraging off their current clients and business networks.

The product generates referrals, which is the number one issue advisors and firm managers struggle to achieve in an automated and traceable way.

A social marketplace for like-minded women to buy, sell and rent their pre-loved designer clothes.

What happens to the 80% of a typical woman’s closet that is literally just taking up space?

Until now, clearing your closet of unused items has been too hard and taken too long. Designer Wardrobe are creating a social marketplace for like-minded women to buy, sell and rent designer fashion.

Helping marketers maximise campaign performance

Future Insight is linking email content with customer behaviour analysis to create a hypothesis-free way of deriving insights, without needing to know what to look for. 

Combining data-mining algorithms, which find correlations between all the variables in large datasets automatically, with technology, Future Insight provides marketers with insights to help them understand what campaigns work best for target groups.

Reinventing how lawyers engage with their clients

Justly™ is a cloud-SaaS app that puts the lawyer and client on the same page through a secure online portal where they can collaborate on the production of legal solutions.

Allowing lawyers to do more work in less time, Justly™ is convenient, easy to use and engages the client collaboratively on discovery and data-entry.

Driving real savings to the bottom-line of business, by giving visibility to indirect spend

Logicore’s modular SaaS solution brings visibility, action and control to the spend of large businesses, where globally up to 70% of procurement managers struggle.

Drawing on the team’s combined experiences in enterprise procurement, operations, process improvement and technology development, Logicore’s product Fringe gives companies visibility over their peripheral or ‘fringe’ indirect expenses, such as fleet, freight and travel, and provide insights to make savings.

Developed by a hotelier for hoteliers

Preno helps operators better compete in an increasingly complex market, simplifying and automating administrative tasks.

Preno not only saves time (up to 4 hours per day) but also reduces booking errors by 50% – not to mention pulling together a global community for shared hotelier insights and guest referrals.

Everything simple

Roll reduces the complexity of running a creative agency by managing their sales, projects and billings.

Developed to streamline a creative business’ internal process, Roll has a strong team behind it, with creative industry experience and an understanding of the problems and pain points creative businesses encounter.

Catching up with friends face-to-face, made super easy

Tomato is the app that makes catching up with the friends you want to super easy.

In this digital age, social platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp are the main channels where friends catch up. But have these platforms made it easier for us to meet and see the friends we want to catch up with?

A social platform where girls can suggest clothes to guys online.

Wearit is an online/mobile social platform where real girls can personally suggest clothes to real guys in a fun and engaging way.

We work with menswear brands by aggregating their product ranges into our platform for girls and guys to collaboratively shop online.


Alex Gamble
Alexei Dunayev
Amanda Santos
Amy Walker
Andy Hamilton
Andy Lark
Barnaby Marshall
Ben Young
Brett Holland
Brian Monahan
Cameron Death
Carl Jones
Chris Twiss
Christine Reeve
Claudia Batten

Colart Miles
Dan Khan
Daniel Heier
Dave Booth
Dave Moskovitz
David Inggs
Debra Chantry
Debra Hall
Duncan Ledwith
Duncan Shand
George Gong
Graeme Frost
Graeme Ransley
Greg Cross
Heath Milligan

Heath Sadlier
James Hurman
Janiene Bayliss
Jason Kerr
Josh Rea
Karl Rosnell
Lisa Jansen
Ken Erskine
Marcel van den Assum
Lizzie Gray
Mark Hardie
Matt Dold
Milan Reinartz
Miles Valentine
Paul Cameron

Rick Ellis
Rick Shera
Robbie Paul
Roger Shakes
Rowan Yeoman
Scott Cooper
Scott Fenton
Stephen Lobb
Stu McMullin
Tim Warren
Tim Williams
Trent Mankelow
Trevor Booth
Trevor Dickinson
Vaughan Rowsell
Yoseph Ayele