Lightning Lab Digital 2016: Auckland

AKL welcomes us back
We returned to Auckland in 2016 and helped 10 digital startups validate their market, product and business model as well as giving them access to some of New Zealand’s top business minds.

Over twelve weeks, 10 teams came together alongside over 100 mentors, and a range of national and international businesses to work on their ventures.

WayWiser pivoted, revalidated and eventually launched a new website through the Lightning Lab programme.

We grew enormously as a team, and we learned exactly what “lean” and “fail fast” actually mean when applied to our business model.

Brittany, WayWiser

Dexibit entered Lightning Lab with the goal of accelerating US market entry, and certainly achieved this.

More than anything, Lightning Lab has helped us develop personally as entrepreneurs and build a substantial network.

Angie, Dexibit


Data-driven insights for cultural institutions

Dexibit is an emerging market leader in analytics for the cultural sector with clients in New Zealand and the United States. A cloud solution, Dexibit detects onsite visitor presence and behaviour by sensing their mobile device and blends this with data from digital channels, the collection – even the weather outside.

With real-time analytics, cultural venues are able to easily deliver on their reporting requirements and make effective strategic decisions. Dexibit works without impacting the visitor experience, with no app download required. Dexibit provides an ingestion hub and analytics engine with a business ready dashboard which offers personalised visualisations. Thought leadership has contributed significantly to Dexibit’s market success; together with venues such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Art, Dexibit has been featured at front-runner industry events.

A multi-platform ordering system for individuals, families and businesses to order from multiple restaurants in one delivery

Foodcourt Online brings all the best takeaways in your area to your doorstep. Different people in a family, a group of friends or colleagues at work often have different cravings. These people want delivery from multiple places to satisfy everyone in the group.

Foodcourt Online provides a platform for ordering and delivery from multiple restaurants clustered in virtual foodcourts. The platform relies on our unique scheduling technology and targets both busy working families with teenage children and corporate workers.

Mobile apps and websites built in minutes not months. No code. is a system where, in less than an hour, a non-technical business owner can generate a fully-branded mobile app and mobile website to engage with their customers. Without the $25k+ price tag!

Our apps are customisable, rather than just templates. We’ve ensured that our system is easy to navigate – users can make edits themselves, or ask our AI chatbot to do it for them. Our kitsets can be crowdsourced, giving customers the power to import, sell and support their own kitsets.

Phoenix Audio Ltd provides audio software designed to identify and smooth fluctuations in your hearing to ensure a deeper musical experience.

Hearing loss affects about 16% of people and about a third of those aged over 65. People with hearing loss can’t fully enjoy recorded music and most try to compensate by turning up the volume. However, hearing aids are for speech, they make music sound thin, strident and distorted.

The Phoenix Audio System incorporates our own listening test, which the user can take in any quiet space in their own time. Taking these test results, we apply our algorithms to create unique personal audio profiles, smoothing out the fluctuations in your hearing response and maximising your enjoyment of music.

REYEDR heads-up display for motorcyclists; for a safer and smarter ride experience

The risk of injury or serious harm is 21 times higher for motorcyclists than for drivers of cars.

Bikers need to keep their eyes on the road. Any distraction, even glancing down at the dash, GPS or mobile phone can be fatal. The Reyedr HUD is a see-through heads-up display with a universal helmet mount, which presents data at eye level.

Reyedr can also auto-detect emergency situations and send SOS. When not riding, our app engages users through its social features and performance analytics. The Reyedr IoT solution delivers a safer and smarter ride experience for motorcyclists.

Real-time insights from the shop floor

With the increasing efficiency of online stores, shoppers are becoming less tolerant of the problems encountered in physical shops.

Frequent stock outs and cumbersome processes have a significant impact on customer experience and therefore on store performance. It is time for physical retailers to address their in-store processes and bring them up to the standard of e-commerce.

Seek Stock directs in-store product feedback into an online user-friendly engagement platform. Customer product requests and staff feedback are shared with head offices in real-time and staff can engage with each other using a ‘like’ weighting system. Retailers use this live feed, as well as tailored reports on customer requests, to track missed sales.

A new way to learn languages through immersive video content. Enjoy watching a movie or TV show and pick up the language at the same time.

Language learning is hard: 96% of people in English speaking countries who try to learn a language give up within 3 years. Existing solutions like traditional learning courses and online learning courses teach you the basics but do not bridge the gap between knowing the basics and becoming conversational or fluent. The only way to do this is through lots of practice and immersion.

Slick Software is inventing a new way to teach languages, where someone can learn and practise using a language simply by consuming content (watching movies or TV shows) in that language. It works through interactive subtitles, dictionaries, dialogue manipulation, periodic testing and progress tracking fine-tuned for each user’s profile, all while the user is enjoying the content.

Revolutionising the concept of storytelling, introducing interactive audio stories

Sonnar Interactive is passionate about interactive storytelling. We are introducing a new form of entertainment: an engaging, auditory experience that evolves through the user’s personal choices.

Our mission is to create high-quality interactive audio stories, spanning a number of genres. Each story is layered with rich soundscapes, building an immersive experience that launches the user’s imagination into an alternate world. Interaction can be screenless – just tap your device as you run or do chores, or talk to your device while you drive.

WayWiser is an online club for adventure sports, making it easier to find, create and go on outdoor adventures with the right people

WayWiser is a brand new website for adventurous travellers and weekend warriors which will immediately connect them with local adventures, and other people with similar passions and skillsets.

WayWiser makes it easy to search for local adventures and to create and organise your own trips. Using WayWiser, you can find mates or fill empty spots on your next outdoor adventure. We allow members to search using filters like location and skill level and enable descriptive profiles to match people up better than any other service currently does.

At the heart of what we do is a simple sentiment: to bring more people together over their mutual love of the outdoors.

Hatch design by Wireless Gaurd is a small, low-cost retrofit device with detects if doors and windows are unlocked or open

A smart home provides many advantages for consumers such as power savings, increased security and peace of mind. With increasing consumer adoption of these technologies, platforms are fighting to provide unique offerings to the consumer market.

Hatch, by Wireless Guard, allows users the ability to detect if their home’s doors or windows are unlocked or open at any time, any place. This functionality is currently unobtainable in the retrofit, wireless market. Hatch helps households ensure their home is left secure, reducing the number of burglaries while providing peace of mind.


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