Lightning Lab Digital 2015: Christchurch

We go south to CHCH
Lightning Lab Digital Christchurch had 10 high-tech startups come through the accelerator programme. The startups ranged across a variety of industries including property, health, hospitality and business services and consisted of 28 individuals with invaluable assistance from 5 lab techs.

The programme received the support of more than 80 mentors over the 12-week duration, who worked alongside the teams providing feedback and guidance to startups to help them grow faster. Mentors from 2015 included Ben Kepes, Gary Jensen, Dorenda Britten and Jason Sharp.

During the programme, we invited a number of world-class speakers to come into the lab and share their story with our cohort. Dave Moskovitz and Heath Milligan were among the 17 speakers providing more than 30 hours of speaker sessions.

12 weeks of hard work led to the Lightning Lab Christchurch 2015 Demo Day, held at the Jack Mann Auditorium at the University of Canterbury. Over 200 people attended in person and more than 50 simultaneous live stream connections.  All 10 Lightning Lab Christchurch companies received initial investment interest on the day.

Lightning Lab is a journey and a discovery of your business idea, yourself and your team. In the fast-paced environment you learn how your team reacts and how you work together. We gained a lot of skills we would not have learned outside the lab.

Tim, Address.Cool

This has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. Lightning Lab is the spark that has ignited the afterburner and helped us get lift-off. I’ve learnt so much in 3 months and I feel infinitely more prepared for the hard road of tech entrepreneurship than I did before Lightning Lab.

Adrien, Bamtino


When moving house it is time-consuming to update address details across all organisations, making it increasingly difficult to keep track of their customers. is an online service that allows users to update their address across multiple organisations in one go.

Bamtino is a marketplace for custom home and office furniture.

We‘re shaking up one of the world‘s oldest industries by connecting clients directly to furniture manufacturers without the retail middlemen.

Conduce provides elegant software that helps manufacturers to set up machines quicker.

Conduce collates all of the files, photos and data needed to setup machines so that everyone is on the same page. Feedback from the shop floor is easy because staff can take photos and add notes right there while doing the work.

Debtor Daddy automates receivables management for small businesses globally making it easier and more effective by applying psychological, cognitive and emotional factors to gain payments faster from customers.

On average, Debtor Daddy achieves a 43% reduction in receivables within the first 30 days of use.

MightyGem is an online feedback and promotions platform for hospitality businesses, helping to manage operational performance and protect online reputations. In just a couple of minutes, businesses can sign up, create their own feedback channel, and start to collect valuable customer insights in real-time.

MTech Games uses virtual reality (VR) to improve lives of people with disabilities.

A VR wheelchair trainer developed for Burwood Academy of Independent Living (BAIL) was commercialized by establishing partnerships with Callaghan Innovation, Human Engineering Research Laboratories and wheelchair industry leaders.

Structural engineers are required to peer review the design and calculations of every element within a building’s design.

Currently, peer review is inefficient and involves duplication of work. Pensolve efficiently reviews the calculations behind a structure’s design while retaining the integrity of the process.

PocketPhysio is a web-based exercise prescription tool for physiotherapists to create and share video exercise programs with their patients.

It saves physios precious time and allows patients to know exactly what they need to do to recover. No more paper handouts and hastily drawn stick figures!

PropertyPlot is your online property mentor accelerating you into becoming a more successful property investor.

PropertyPlot is an online platform that provides property investors with analysis and management insights into the current and future financial performance of their investments.

SuchCrowd enables you to test your event idea by getting validation from the crowd.

Event planners post tentative events that are not confirmed until a minimum number of tickets are sold. We are de-risking event management for event planners.


Alan Cox
Alex Lam
Amy Walker
Anake Goodall
Andrei Link
Andrew Plimmer
Ben Kepes
Ben Reid
Brett Holland
Bruce Keightley
Catarina Gutierrez
Chris Bailey
Chris Twiss
Craig Rowland
Damian Brown
Dan Khan
Daniel Wallace
Dave Moskovitz
Dave Tinkler
David Boyd

Debra Hall
Dorenda Britten
Franco Dal Din
Gary Jensen
Geoff Cranko
George Gong
Gill DalDin
Grant Wells
Greg Williamson
Heath Milligan
Henry Lane
Ian Douthwaite
Ian Town
Jamie Cairns
Janiene Bayliss
Jason Sharp
Jaya Gibson
John Holt
Julian Carver
Justin Scott

Kaila Colbin
Karl Varley
Kevin Ptak
Kirsten Disse
Kylie Robinson
Larry Podmore
Lauren Merritt
Lenz Gschwendtner
Marcel van den Assum
Mark Godenho
Mark Nichols
Maureen Dunne
Michelle Sharp
Mike Moran
Miles Valentine
Morgan Miles
Nathan Donaldson
Nick Fogarty
Nicolás Erdödy
Owen Scott

Patrick Keo
Paul Davis
Paul Morrison
Rachel Wright
Richard Adams
Richard Allen
Rob Lawrence
Sam Elder
Sam Johnson
Sam Ragnarsson
Shaun Ryan
Stefan Korn
Tim McConnell
Tim Trewinnard
Trevor Dickinson