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Lightning Lab Manufacturing / Pitching Towards Perfect

It’s a very exciting and critical time for the startups, as they continue to develop their pitches and pitch decks. A number of fantastic events are in the not-too-distant future…


We are collaborating with C-PRIZE to bring a Day of Hardware Innovation to New Zealand. This celebration of Kiwi hardware will see Callaghan Innovation’s UAV competition pitching event occur just before our Demo Day evening, where our seven ventures will pitch for investment. Would you like to attend either or both of these events?

Register for our Lightning Lab Manufacturing Demo Day

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Get your ticket for the C-PRIZE Den of Drones event:

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Special Guests With Special Knowledge
We’ve been fortunate to host some amazing visitors in the lab this past few weeks, who have interacted with the startups and provided valuable feedback: Chris Bishop (MP), Dave Moskovitz (Startup Of The Week), Ray Wallace (Mayor of Hutt City) and Hutt Councillors, David Wilks (Weta Workshop), members of the NZ Product Accelerator, Peter Price (ANZ Private) and the team from programme sponsor ANZ, Dave Allison and Suse Reynolds (Angel HQ), Marcia Dawood (Angel Capital Association), Niko Dellios (Designer), Blair Mainwaring (Ocean Design), David Tan (entrepreneur) and David Tingey (Park Road Post).

Investor Readiness with EY
Second in a series of business workshops from programme sponsor EY, Craig Riddle and team worked with the seven ventures on how to best prepare for investment. A heartfelt thanks for sharing their knowledge to help get our startups ready for due diligence.

Startup Showcase
Each week we profile the startups of Lightning Lab Manufacturing

The Misprint Co.
notebook processThe co-founders of The Misprint Co., Jenny Priscilla and Kareena (all graphic designers) discovered that the paper recycling industry was missing an important element. Much of the paper that goes go recycling from universities and corporations has little or no actual printing on it. The Misprint Co. collect and repurpose this paper waste, turning it into notebooks. By giving these pieces of paper a second life before they eventually go to be recycled, vast amounts of energy and water are saved. They’ve discovered that many firms are very enthusiastic about having their non-confidential waste paper repurposed as notebooks and re-used internally to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable business.

dogmatek300x188Modern music exists in a heavily digitised environment, however most musicians still desire a warm and lush analog sound. Dogmatek’s effects pedals give guitarists and keyboardists a pure analog signal path, but with digital controls that provide all the convenience and functionality of a digital experience. Electronics and audio engineer Tim Prebble’s Innovative ‘hybrid’ designs appeal to professional and enthusiast alike and with links into the Black Seeds and Phoenix Foundation through band manager and co-founder Matt McLeod, the ventures artistic pedigree is second to none.

Special Event: A Thank You To Our Mentors
Please join us on Tuesday, 3 November, to celebrate New Zealand’s first hardware accelerator, Lightning Lab Manufacturing. Connect with the ventures ahead of our Demo Day on 19 November, network with mentors, meet members of the local startup community and celebrate the near-completion of this first manufacturing programme. Register via Eventbrite and come along to this special evening.

Thanks again to all our sponsors, partners and mentors who make this programme a reality. We look forward to sharing more as the adventure continues!

Team Lightning Lab Manufacturing

LLM Sponsors

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