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Lightning Lab Manufacturing – Electricity In The Air

“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed.” – Steve Jobs.

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From a screening of the 3D printing doc Print the Legend, to pitching to the community at the HVCC Business Expo, and visits from such influential mentors as Nick Churchouse (pictured), the ventures survived a packed few weeks of invaluable experiences. With 62 days left in the programme customer engagement is the top priority at the moment, and teams continue to be challenged to show real-world traction and build their business. Missed our first update? You can read it here, and for exclusive insights subscribe via email.

Sharing Knowledge & Inspiration
Many talented mentors and industry experts have held sessions over the past few weeks: Dave Allison (Angel HQ); Kent Parker (Formway Design); Brent O’Meagher (GPC Electronics); Amanda Santos (StratAspire); Adelle Kenny (Grow Wellington); and Nick Churchouse (Creative HQ).

In the Community
HVCC Business Expo 2015 kicked off last Tuesday the 22nd, and Lightning Lab Manufacturing had a presence. Our ventures each spent an hour talking to the local community about their products and practiced pitching to complete strangers.

Sponsor Resources
We’re very fortunate to have the AJ Park team continuing to work with the startups on their IP challenges. Craig Riddle, Nicola Black and Emma Clemence from EY held their first in a series of workshops, and members of the Hutt City Council explored the space.

Influential Visits
With such inspiring visitors as Nick Gerritsen (Crispstart), Rick Wells (Design Outcomes) Rab Heath (OMGTech!), Amanda Gilbertson (WNT Ventures) and Brett Holland (Creative HQ) stopping by the space, expertise and insights abound at Lightning Lab Manufacturing. Interested in meeting and mentoring the startups in Lightning Lab Manufacturing? Give us a shout.

Special Thanks
A shout-out goes to our Manufacturing Mentor-in-Residence, David Cohen. David has been sharing his 25 years of manufacturing experience with the startups and crafting special sessions around topics such as supply chain, how best to work with contract manufacturers, and much more.

Upcoming In The Lab
Stay tuned – we have some exciting developments to share. Our ventures will play a larger part in upcoming updates, as will our Demo Day announcements. Subscribe for exclusive content, follow @LightningLab on Twitter, and keep checking in to this blog.

Thanks again to all our sponsors, partners and mentors who make this programme a reality – we look forward to sharing more as the journey continues.

Best regards,

Team Lightning Lab Manufacturing

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