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Lightning Lab Electric: Meet the Ventures

Lightning Lab Electric officially kicked off just over two weeks ago, and now that the dust has settled we’d like to properly introduce you to the four ventures that are participating in the exciting new programme.

They’re working on solving different problems within the energy industry, but all the teams have one thing in common: they’re ready to get stuck in and cause some serious innovation.

Needless to say, we’re looking forward to seeing how the ventures grow and take shape over the next few months.


Ampli is a new business intelligence platform leveraging anonymised smart meter data to deliver game-changing tools for the electricity sector.  A joint venture between Axos Systems Ltd and Counties Power Ltd, Ampli’s solutions include: tariff design and analytics, network planning and optimisation and outage management applications.



MLabs is working on bringing new technology to the energy industry, leveraging cloud-based computing and machine learning to provide big data to the electricity networks, both here and overseas. Their aim is to enable creative engineers to build innovative network solutions.

Better demand modelling and management has the potential to drive efficiencies through lower capital costs and better pricing for  big energy users such as schools, hospitals and apartment blocks. is developing machine learning and data analytics technology to address demand management across smart grids and large scale network environments.



emhTrade’s purpose is to enrich electricity consumer’s lives through the use of technology. Through the use of exceptional data organisation and modelling capabilities, they have built a data-driven energy retail platform to facilitate peer-to-peer electricity transactions through a proprietary matching engine. Their predictive analytics and market interfaces have led to further development in building device control and optimisation into the solution, allowing them to add value further up the supply chain by providing network owners with a mechanism by which to engage in targeted peak shaving and network support. Their product is already operational and has paying customers in New Zealand.

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