Innovation Challenge Winners Announced!

We recently had teams from around New Zealand come into Creative HQ for to pitch their idea for the Lightning Lab Electric Innovation Challenge. 

Eight teams presented ideas to our panel of expert judges on Thursday 6. Ideas ranged from an improving home efficiency to an education toolkit for students to learn more about the electric sector.

Teams were assessed on innovation, customer and market impact and commercialisation potential. With a $40,000 prize package up for grabs, competition was fierce and judges were impressed with the caliber of the teams.


emhLabs is the development wing of emhTrade Ltd. A small team of electricity market professionals, they have developed an algorithm that allows them to provide a home energy efficiency rating for a home without undertaking a site visit. 


Zach Preston Innovation Challenge

Zach Preston is building a platform to truly empower and inform energy consumers while conserving as much energy as possible.


Kieran Morris innovation challenge

Kieran Morris is helping to detect and locate faults efficiently and resiliently with Optimal Sensor Placement.

Alex Gorrie

Alex Gorrie represented team SHAC. The SHAC Home Performance App focussed on occupant health and comfort, structural integrity and energy efficiency of a home.

To find out how you can make a difference to the electric sector, check out Lightning Lab Electric.

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