How to apply for Lightning Lab Electric

The only way to apply for Lightning Lab Electric is through F6S. It’s pretty easy to work your through but we recommend having a look around so you’re familiar with what you need to apply.

Below, we’ve written down some of our TOP TIPS for applying to Lightning Lab Electric. Have a read and if you still have questions,
get in touch with us

Want our top tip for applying to Lightning Lab Electric?

Get in touch with us early!

Even if you are someone that leaves stuff until the last possible minute, getting in touch with us early gives you a whole lot of benefits.

1. We can get to know you

It allows us to get to know you as a team – we’ll have an idea of who you are as people and what you’re capable of. We can track your process and get to know you. Given that we receive about 20% of all applications in the last week, we can spend a lot more time on YOUR company if you let us know about it early.

2. Asking questions

Getting your team profile completed will give you the chance to ask any questions from the people that run Lightning Lab Electric. It means that instead of having a last minute panic, you’ve got a bit of time to get an answer and get things sorted out from your end.

3. Show you can be organised

Lightning Lab Electric runs for three months. It’s intense, fast and busy. This means you have to be able to execute and tell us the long term vision for your business. Getting in touch with us early shows us that you’re proactive and organised.

4. Get references

You’ll be able to engage better with your references and really show us that you have people who can vouch for you and your team’s skills. It also demonstrates to us that you can engage with people on a personal level as well as with your product / business idea.

5. Demonstrate your personality

At the end of the day, we want to work with a person – applying early and getting to know us means that we will remember who you are. The bottom line? The sooner we find out about you, the sooner we can start getting to know you.

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