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Early applicants to our Lightning Lab Accelerator Programmes, get the chance to participate in our Market Validation Course. During this three-week online course, the selected teams get assigned a coach that will guide them through the market validation techniques they will use throughout the course. This is also a great way to get a peek into what you might expect from the accelerator and ask questions!

With Lightning Lab Tourism’s Market Validation Course coming to an end, and the Kiwi Fintech Accelerator’s course starting soon (1 May), we asked our coaches and participants to share their experience.

“Problem discovery is the most important phase of any project because it sets the tone of the weeks to come and places your customers at the center of the work. The process puts your assumptions, guesswork and biases out in the open and forces you to not take anything for granted. For many, this phase can be extremely challenging because it uncovers hard truths that push back on your initial thinking and biasis aside. As the saying goes; everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts”.  – Aaron Power, Innovation Specialist & Coach



“The Lightning Lab Tourism Market Validation Course enabled Breadcrumbs to more precisely identify opportunities to create value. The tools and template exercises used by Creative HQ, really encourage you to challenge your assumptions and place yourself in the shoes of your customers. As a somewhat established company, it was very useful to take a step back and analyse our value proposition from a fresh perspective.” – Breadcrumbs


“We were excited about the opportunity and found the experience to be very clarifying and more focused on educating us on how to apply tools and processes to our business in order to clarify what our real direction was. We made more progress in 2 weeks than we have in 2 years, in regards to discovering our core problem and the solution we are trying to solve. Having a coach on board that was also not involved in our business in any way and was also new to the Tourism industry, made the experience even better. As our coach was able to put himself in our customers’ shoes and view it from an unbiased perspective. Thanks, Lightning Lab!” – Road Guru


“The Lightning Lab Tourism Market Validation Course was pivotal in helping us to focus on the main pain points that our customers are experiencing at the moment. In particular, the one-on-one mentoring was highly beneficial. Overall, the course was a crucial part of our application process. Highly recommended!” – Film Quest

FilmQuest Film Quest

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“The Market Validation course gave us all the templates and tools we needed to approach the early stage aspects of building our startup, and provided a platform for getting that crucial early feedback while our idea was still finding form. At a time when our heads were swimming with ideas on how to execute, it was also extremely helpful to work with our coach on problem discovery and market validation before skipping to the fun of building a solution. Now when we do build something, we’ll know exactly who’s going to use it, and why.” – CHU NZ 


Applications are still open for KiwiFintech Accelerator. Apply by Sun 28 April  for the chance to be part of our next Market Validation Course. 

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