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These days, it’s more and more difficult for businesses to reach their customers. With so many mediums vying for our attention already, it’s hard to be heard amongst the noise.

A study released in 2015 confirmed that humans have attention spans of less than 8 seconds before they turn their focus to something else. That’s why businesses have turned to creating an audience.

Last week, Sonya from Sharesies joined us to share how valuable content marketing was in their accelerator journey two years ago. By the end of Lightning Lab Kiwi Fintech 2017, they had over 6,000 direct emails and over 30,000 people waiting, before they had even launched their product. She encouraged teams to start building their community to support them while they are creating their business.

So, this week at Lightning Lab Tourism, we were lucky enough to have Kris Herbert, Chair from Content NZ (as well as a member of CHU, a team currently in our Tourism Accelerator programme) speak to us about the value of content marketing.

“It’s creating your team of supporters – the people that love your product the most,” Kris says.

“Content marketing creates an easy way for your most avid supporters to interact with your brand. The real win is that once they start interacting with you more, you become more likely to be the first brand they think of when they’re looking for your specific product or service.”

So, how to get your content marketing game off the ground? Here are six tips to get you started:


Define your audience

Know your customers intimately. Your audience might not always be your customers.  It’s about asking yourself, who do you need in this community to build your solution? Is that industry experts, investors, or landowners? How can you provide value for them through your content?


What content is worth your audience time?

What content that relates to your business will be useful to your audience. Value your customers time and know what type of information will add value to their lives. Guides? Top 10? Best of? Remember, just like everything else in business, you’ll have to check your assumptions made here by evaluating your data afterwards.


What is the best medium?

You can then figure out how best to give them your content. Social, email, events, blog? There are so many ways, so you might have to test out a few. Once you find the most engaging one for your audience, stick with it. Hint: Look for partners that are already engaging with your audience and who would benefit from your content. This could be media outlets or businesses in related industries.


Get planning

Create a plan for regular communications with the audience. The biggest part of this is being strategic about what works, and what doesn’t. This will include, what content will you make? Audio? Video? Blog? Photos? What specific content topics will you cover, who is going to make this content, and how often will you make the content?


Keep in touch

Design a way to gather email addresses using this content. Email addresses are still a great way to reach a really engaged segment of your audience.  Unlike social, you will be getting a lot more invested listeners from this medium which can really encourage a deeper level of engagement.


Monitor your efforts and keep implementing

Monitor what works and adjust your strategy accordingly. Find out what gives you the most engagement and double down on that!


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