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Application Tips – The Videos

video_tips-670x270As part of the Lightning Lab XX application process, we will give you the opportunity to submit two videos – one to describe your company’s product or service, and the other to meet your team.

To give you some idea of what we expect, and to make sure creating a video is time well spent on your part, here’s what you should know:

Keep it short

The perfect length for each of your videos is around 90 seconds. It could be a little longer, but try not to go over two minutes. This is mainly to make sure your content is focused and on-point, but it also makes it easier for us to review your application and understand the whole picture.

Don’t waste valuable time and money on post-production

It’s just not worth the investment. We aren’t expecting the next JJ Abrams blockbuster, and you should be focussing on the content, and making sure that we can see and hear you. Most teams record on a webcam or their smartphone, and shoot it in a quiet, well-lit space.Filming it on any modern smartphone should be plenty, and if you need to do some light editing, you could look into iMovie for Mac, Windows Movie Maker, or the built-in Youtube editor where you can edit together the raw clips you’ve uploaded.

Demo your product (this should be one video)
This varies depending on what kind of product you’re applying with:
  • Digital / software products
    This can be a hit and miss. The worst thing you could do is only show us your standard feature walkthrough. What we’re after is your explanation as to how these features are necessary and solve a big problem for your customer. So make sure to cover why this product, why these specific features and who it’s helping. If your product hasn’t yet been built, a mockup or wireframe is a good option, and will additionally be something you can show your users. Oh, and don’t waste time on showing us your login screen unless it’s something other than username/password.
  • Non-software products
    This is a little wider, so it’s hard to give specific tips. But in general, remember that we want to know what problem you’re solving, who you’re solving it for, and why your product is the solution that solves the problem for those people. Presi, whiteboards, animations, or slideshows can work, and if it’s something physical, show us the actual product!
  • Show us your team (this should be a second video)
    Unlike the static application text, video allows you to show us your personality and energy. This is your opportunity to stand out. Why should we be excited about it if you’re not? Also, make sure to introduce yourselves and your roles within the team. We want to get an idea of how your team functions and how you divide the responsibilities, and why you are the right people to make your idea into a reality.
  • Be creative. Be unique
    In the end, the videos should showcase why your startup is unique and why you’re personally tied to the success of this company. Don’t be afraid to be creative, yet don’t be something you’re not. If you are funny, then go ahead and use humor. Entertain us. If you can show us you can think creatively, it’s definitely a plus.
  • Include the password…
    If you password protect your video, please make sure to include it in the application. Seems like it’s common sense, but it’s amazing how many people forget.

All in all, don’t make this into a big movie production. We ‘d rather you spend time on where it really matters the most – executing on your vision, getting traction and customer feedback.

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