Application Tips: The Team

This week’s application tip is the most important one: The Team.

We put a heavy emphasis on team. In fact, we like to say that we look for 5 things in our application:

  1. Team
  2. Team
  3. Team
  4. Market
  5. Idea

Or in other words – we are known for backing the jockey, and not the horse. So, spend some time crafting an AMAZING team section. We’re looking for signs that you’re passionate about the problem you’re solving for your customers, that you and your co-founders are resilient and capable of weathering storms together, and your team can execute on the idea you’re proposing. We also want to see your roles – who will be doing what and where potential holes are.

Here’s a checklist to highlight your awesome self:

  • Your full name, role in the company, and links to LinkedIn/Twitter/Github/attach CV.
  • Highlight why you’re working on this company. What was the inspiration?
  • How did you meet your co-founders?
  • Highlight any of your accomplishments in the past. Successfully sold a business? Say so! Won the entrepreneurship competition at University? Awesome, tell us about it! Experienced a big failure? Great, tell us what you learned from it. Started your first business (soda stand) when you were 6? Cool! List all this in your application as this will help us get a sense of who you are and what you’re capable of doing.
  • You might also ask: “What if I’m a single founder?”. Single founders are a very rare breed in the Lightning Lab community. We don’t fund single founders because it’s really tough on them in the program. The program moves 88mph and is often too much for even 2 people to manage, much less We highly recommend you try and find a co-founder. More tips on the subject here.

Also – use the team video! Keep it short (less than 2 minutes is ideal!), and make sure to show us some personality. Be creative, sky is the limit!


Applications for Lightning Lab Tourism close on February 3rd 2020. Get in touch now!

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