Make it easier for businesses to meet their employer obligations. 

Cohelix has a mission to make New Zealand the fairest place to work and the easiest place to employ people. They were a participant in one of the world’s first GovTech programmes, R9 Accelerator.

As part of the R9 Accelerator, Creative HQ helped Cohelix:

  • Get good interactions with government agencies
  • Create a scalable business and gain investment through our Accelerator programme
  • Get under the surface of problems that employers and employees have with staff churn to come up with customer-centric solution


Businesses that employ a high number of seasonal and casual workers, find processing new employment paperwork a high effort task. Keeping track of forms, completing documents and keeping accurate data is something most businesses struggle with.

Cohelix enables businesses to complete new employee documents with ease.

The Solution

Cohelix takes the friction out of employment paperwork and gives businesses confidence in their employment compliance. They ensure that businesses are treating their workers fairly and promotes transparency in the supply chain. Customers started using their platform in February 2017, six months after they started.


We know you’re wondering what gets Cohelix out of bed in the morning? The dream that for them one day Cohelix can make a social impact on a workforce – which tends to be made up of vulnerable workers. Cohelix wants to be recognised as NZ’s trusted employment brand and help businesses in the supply chain make better decisions about the services and goods they procure.

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A platform that enables business owners and their employees to complete, check, sign and store new employee documentation online.